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Program of the conference

"Fundamental Mathematics Today"

Dedicated to the tenth Anniversary of IUM ***

List of sections

A. Geometry and Topology

B. Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory

C. Dynamical Systems and the Theory of Singularities

D. Mathematical Physics

December, 26, Wednesday

9.00--10.00: registration of participants

10.00--10.30: Opening speach of the President of IUM

Plenary lectures

10.40--11.30: V.I.Arnold. Astroidal geometry and hyperbolic polynomials

11.30--11.50: Coffee break

11.50--12.40: A.Vershik. Metric classification of functions of several arguments, random matrix and space of Polish spaces

12.50--13.40: L.D.Faddeev. Problem of mass for the quantum Yang-Mills theory: what is it

13.40--15.30: Lunch

15.30--16.20: I.Krichever. Isospectral and isomondromy equations on algebraic curves

Sectional talks (see footnotes *, **)

ChairmanA: R.MacPhersonB: P.DeligneC: A.VershikD: A.Belavin
Coffee break
17.30--18.10A.SkopenkovF.L.ZakW.FarisA.Alexeevskii, S.Natanzon
Coffee break
18.30--19.10 S.DuzhinA.G.KhovanskiD.KaledinM.Shubin

December, 27, Thursday

Plenary lectures

10.00--10.50: R.MacPherson. Intersection homology and torus actions

11.00--11.50: A.Bolibrukh. Semistable Vector Bundles with Connections and the Riemann-Hilbert Problem

11.50--12.20: Coffee break

12.20--13.10: P.Cartier. Cosmos and atom : a revival of Hermann Weyl's ideas about gauge invariance

13.10--15.00: Lunch

15.00--15.50: E.Vinberg The dual horospherical Radon transform for polynomials

Sectional talks

ChairmanA: R.MacPhersonB: P.DeligneC: A.VershikD: A.Belavin
16.00--16.40 V.TimorinM.TsfasmanA.Eskin, A.ZorichA.A.Belavin, A.V.Odesskii, R.A.Usmanov
Coffee break
Coffee break
18.00--18.40 O.KarpenkovS.ArkhipovA.GorodetskyA.Sergeev

December, 28, Friday

Plenary lectures

10.00--10.50: V.Vassiljev. Combinatorial formulas for cohomology of spaces of knots

11.00--11.50: A.A.Kirillov. Representations and orbits of triangular groups

11.50--12.20: Coffee break

12.20--13.10: V.M.Buchstaber. Symmetric powers as algebraic variety

13.10--15.00: Lunch

15.00--15.50: V.Ginzburg. Symplectic reflection algebras

Sectional talks

ChairmanA: R.MacPhersonB: P.DeligneC: A.VershikD: A.Belavin
Coffee break
Coffee break
18.00--18.40P.G.Grinevich, S.P.NovikovA.L.GorodentsevG.OlshanskiiO.Sheinman

December, 29, Saturday

Plenary lectures

10.00--10.50: S.P.Novikov. Discrete systems and integrabilty

11.00--11.50: P.Deligne. Tensor Categories

11.50--12.20: Coffee break

12.20--13.10: A.Katok. Nonuniform Hyperbolicity and Rigidity

13.10--15.00: Lunch

15.00--15.50: B.Dubrovin. From integrable systems to Gromov - Witten invariants

15.50--16.10: Coffee break

16.10--17.00: B.Feigin. Vertex algebras and representations of small quantum group

Celebrating of the forthcoming 70th birthday of N.N.Konstantinov (precise time to be announced)

Banquet: 18.30--19.00 (precise time and place to be announced)

The Conference is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, European Mathematical Union, and Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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